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Roy Moore’s Heroic Opposition To Gay Divorce

Words by Matthew Mazer In today’s age of ultron, some states let Adams marry Steves just so Adams can go on to divorce the Steves for younger, more other Steves. But Alabama is not one of those states (for now), thanks to Roy Moore.   Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice, Roy Moore, has used his

Eastbound & Awesome

Words Evans Bailey “Swag” is a thing that I have become aware of because I read stupid articles on the internet. This nouveau term conjures up images of Justin Bieber, in saggy name brand sweatpants and a stupid hat, being physically hoisted by one of his bodyguards into his ridiculously tacky car. There was a

Birmingham Mountain Radio: Birmingham’s Alternative [to] Radio

This month, MADE Paper interviews Jeff Clanton, General Manager of Birmingham Mountain Radio, a thriving (and national award-winning) station that does what radio stations are supposed to do: Put the music and listeners first. No pay-to-play, no ominous Clear Channel overlords, just a direct line between real music and the real public. In an effort


Behind The Instagram: March 2015

Behind The Instagram: Brisket & Latke Sandwich

Words: Randy Gresham, Jr. I am a chef.  I spend the vast majority of my day in constant motion making sure that our guests are happy and fed.  In doing so, I rarely possess or make the time to eat myself.  It is usually a quality assurance taste or nibble of this or that as



Words Will Abner It’s early on a Friday evening and my coworkers and I are putting our things together for the evening. Mise en place. Everything in place. Soon, customers will pour in for cocktails and dinner and we need to be ready. Ready to shake Martinis, stir Manhattans and answer any and every kind


This Is My Favorite Time of Year for Beer*

WORDS  Sam Wootten Late Summer and early Fall bring about the release of more styles and unique once-a-year brews (Pumpkins, Harvests, “Autumn”, Oktoberfest, etc) that prepare your palate for the coming season, with a gentle reminder that Winter is coming. It says, “Go ahead. Enjoy the sweetness and warmth while it lasts. Frolic and let

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Wine Tasting Notes

WORDS Will Abner We have made it through the holidays, out-kicked our coverage as far as gift-giving goes and are left with rather bleak checking accounts. I love the joy of giving out gifts to my family and friends, but dang, it sure does make for a bleak January (or maybe it’s just me). Anyways,


Southern Makers Style

Words: Chandler Sims Hines It’s that magical time of year again and no, I’m not talking about the holiday season. I’m referring to Southern Makers. It’s a place where creative southern minds and makers come together for a now two day event right here in downtown Montgomery. Among these artists and artisans, chefs and breweries,



Music City: An Ode To Joy

PHOTOS Harvi Sahota Nashville is a town of Now. If you’re over a certain age, or haven’t visited the World Wide Web in a bit, you may not know. Otherwise, I’m telling you something that’s obvious. What may not be so obvious is exactly what makes Nashville Now. Our esteemed MADE Columnist tells you this



MADE Paper NCAA Bracket Challenge: Contributor’s Picks

Words: MADE Staff March Madness takes over this time of year. It’s all that’s on TV and all that people talk about on the internets. Day after day of games, analysis, and people bragging about their brackets. Not wanting to feel left out, we decided to start our own bracket, but this one is a